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The blueprinting process produces a framework which provides the foundation for the definition and assessment of all end user experiences on the website.

Quality data is critical to a successful blueprint phase. Data is gathered from as many stakeholders and perspectives as possible. The data that Witter collects originate from our customer’s business units, and in some cases, external partners.
This process also includes a research component that is performed on competitors and/or associated websites in related industries that may contain additional ideas that would benefit the website users.

  • Understand your environment
  • Ensure accuracy in the design process
  • Ensure simplicity and clarity of communication to users

Creating distinct user profiles for each different type of website visitor enables a user-focused approach to blueprinting. This ensures that the website offers meaningful ways for these users to achieve their goals in all of their interactions with the website. Witter compiles all unique tasks and associates them with these user profiles. This ensures that tasks can be seen through the lens of both the websites goals and the unique users who are performing these tasks at any given time.

  • Provide a comprehensive view of all facets of the website
  • Ensures a custom solution is created for all unique users

A website sitemap should clearly organise content into a logical and intuitive structure and provide the framework for the major navigation concept. The primary task in sitemap creation is to identify the key categories in order to arrange the sites information. It is important that these categories are specific enough to logically define all tasks users need to perform, yet are broad enough to ensure that the website is easily navigated. Ideally the primary navigation should contain no more than 6-8 categories. This ensures that users can be guided into the areas that are constructed to perform specific tasks in the most efficient and intuitive manner. All tasks are then organised within this structure.

  • Ensures that the website is Simple , Clear , Intuitive and Flexible
  • Ensures that the website can evolve over time



Information architects, user experience specialists and designers collaborate throughout the design process to create wireframes, develop user experience journeys and the websites visual design, based on the work performed in the blueprinting phase of the project

Some critical user tasks on the website occur over several web pages – these workflows are wire framed as user journeys. The purpose of this step is to ensure that complex website tasks are communicated effectively to all stakeholders as a single process or a congruent series of interactions with users. This assists the project team to evaluate all user pathways through this journey in order to create optimal experiences for website users.

  • Map processes – ensure that complex tasks are well defined
  • Unite staff – help our customers team focus on what users really need from them using a collaborative approach to mapping user journeys
  • Engage more users – when our customers focus on what their website users really need and provide an intuitive experience for them, the more likely they are to refer the ogranisations services to others

A web page wire frame represents schematically how each element is laid out and how the page will work, which encapsulates the following:

  • Customer’s brand
  • Customer’s business goals
  • User goals
  • User tasks
  • Navigation pathways
  • The location of key Information
  • Contextual page elements for related or similar information
  • Calls to action

  • Translate big picture plans into detailed website schematics
  • Define the mechanics of the website and document how each feature works

Witter is highly passionate about our process of understanding our customer’s environment and their users. During this process we unlock and discover the full capabilities of our customer’s brand ‘online’. Our design team is a group of highly talented and passionate individuals who share the same goal, and that is to be the best at what we do, so that we can deliver a brand identity that best describes each customer.

  • Create or translate our customers brand online
  • Display the websites style
  • Define the websites personality



The development phase is where the website is built, initial content is added and our customers get to see your new website evolve.

Our CMS offers a revolutionary, easy-to-use interface, simplicity, scalability and unmatched performance.
Witter has intimate product knowledge and experience in deploying Sitefinity in enterprise level, mission critical projects.

  • Build websites that are:
    - Modular
    - Scalable
    - Future focussed
    - Flexible
    - Sustainable
    - Supports compliance with W3C Web Accessibility at AA Standard

Witter creates custom functionality for our clients that integrate seamlessly into their website infrastructure or as standalone applications. This currently encompasses the following technologies:

  • PHP Applications
  • MySQL Server database
  • Implements custom features in websites
  • Create standalone custom workflow applications

Witter technical teams define, assess, and integrate with enterprise level data centric applications, extending their functional reach to the web.
This offers business to business or business to consumer interactions to be supported by existing information systems. Witter uses user focused interfaces designed specifically to perform tasks for defined user groups.

  • Extends existing enterprise applications to the web
  • Synchronise information between enterprise systems
  • Capitalise on existing infrastructure



Witter's delivery processes ensure that our customer’s staff are adequately trained in the usage of the new system, they have access to appropriate documentation and that the deployment of the system is timed to maximise the benefit of this training.
The documentation that Witter produces are:

  • Process Guide
  • Editors Guide
  • Administration Guide

Witter provides tailored training experiences to our customer’s staff based on the role they are assigned to and tasks they are expected to perform. Commonly training configurations comprise of 4 group training events that will cover all tasks performed by the following user groups:

  • Content Authors
  • Content Editors
  • Content Publishers
  • Site Administrators

  • Ensure staff maintaining the website are fully trained
  • Ensure staff have a point of reference after training is complete

The hosting infrastructure provides an ideal environment to ensure business continuity for online applications. The infrastructure is configured to be highly available, redundant, scalable and secure. Witter can deploy our solutions to our customers own existing hosting environment on request.

  • Provides secure dedicated hosting options
  • Deploys solutions to your environment

Once the system is launched, Witter will be contactable during business hours for all project matters, including website updates, enhancements, bug fixes, support, training, and brainstorming. We see the support of our customer’s projects as a long-term partnership together. We are committed to delivering excellence in not only our ongoing service, but to be continually updating our customers with the latest web trends and emerging patterns.

  • Provide website updates
  • Enhancements
  • Bug fixes
  • Support
  • Training
  • Brainstorming