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Having built web-based products for audiences of all styles, our experience has allowed us to become extremely agile and be able to iterate and pivot rapidly which is one of the most important aspects of web application development.
The initial architecture will get you to a certain point after which user feedback is what drives your direction. It is important to have a system in place, which is flexible and robust to accommodate the tweaks quickly and efficiently in order for the next iterative cycle to start.
Witter Technologies prides itself on creating innovative website designs that do much more than simply provide static information on a page. Innovation is the process of creating more effective products and ideas that can be applied to markets, governments and societies. Applying such a concept into website design is exactly what helps our company rise above expectations, provide results and have our website designs stand the test of time.


Witter Technologies has been a leading supplier of technology solutions and web based applications since 2008. We deliver high end projects ranging from strategy, implementation and support services across both Windows and Linux infrastructures. Our experience in both commercial and open source offerings empowers us to tailor solutions to suit clients who require a portable codebase. We also provide an alternative solutions which are typically more cost-effective for certain types of projects.


Our email marketing system is powerful and accountable. It allows us to send out fully bespoke branded emails for you, and then gathers valuable information about their success and click through rates.
With Our Email Marketing systems it's easy to create professional email messages. Use the friendly editor similar to writing a document in MS Word . You can also load an HTML file created elsewhere.
You will be able to manage your contacts quickly and efficiently. Unlimited lists and groups. Automated unsubscribing process. Import from an existing contacts database.
Our systems is integrated with the most popular social networks to: let customers subscribe by using their Facebook account, for example. Encourage viral marketing by easily adding social network sharing icons to your messages.


Through Facebook Pages, brands and business owners now have the opportunity to communicate with their consumers directly. No more need for costly, time- consuming focus groups to figure out what your customers want.
By providing them great offers and chances to interact with the brand directly, your existing customers become increasingly loyal to your brand and in-turn become brand ambassadors. This helps increase awareness for your brand to people who were not previously users of the product or service.
Interactive Facebook Pages applications can help you identify who your consumers are, where they are, what they like and what makes them happier. You also have an open channel for communication when you have something new to share.

05 / FACEBOOK Log In

Web sites and web applications have become increasingly interactive and can adapt to the user's personal preferences. However, in order to do so, the user is required to login so that the web site can retrieve the user's personal preferences.
This quickly became tedious and cumbersome for the users as they would have to sign-up for different web sites, go through the hassle of e-mail confirmation, and then (worst of all) remember what login name and password they kept for each different web site.
With Facebook Connect, all of that can be eliminated, along with receiving several additional benefits.


A brand is not logo. A brand is a voice, a tone, a mark, a way of behaving, an attitude. a message. Our designers understand this, and will work with you to create brand collateral which effectively communicates to and resonates with your target audience.
Because we understand brands, we can create you an identity which completely embodies your business. We can also take your existing graphics and develop them to match a changing brand


Our brochures give your customers something they can touch, feel, take away and cherish. They inspire, capture the imagination, inform, engage, and ultimately sell your product or services.
By carefully combining bespoke materials and exquisite design we seamlessly convey your ethos and impress your clients.

08 / Electronic Trading Platforms and Solutions

Bridge Technology
“MT4 Liquidity Bridge” for Forex trading. In the simplest terms, the technology allows for an FX trade originating in the Metatrader 4 (MT4) platform to be executed by an external liquidity provider.
MT4-MT4 Bridge provides a convenient interface for transferring orders and trades between different MT4 Servers. It allows transferring orders and trades between the MT4 servers. One MT4 Server can connect to multiple MT4
FIX Bridge for MetaTrader enables the connection of MetaTrader 4 system to any FIX compliant destination.
FIX Order Entry Interface Module for MT4 (FIX interface) enables processing of orders received via the FIX protocol based connection on the MetaTrader platform.
Complex Business Model Topology allows attaching MT4 system to a combination of MT4 and FIX destinations.
We also offer various services related to implementation of special solutions that cover customer needs in different features for MetaTrader 4 platform.

09 / Start Your Own Brokerage

It is an ideal solution for those who want to take advantage of the growing forex market. Get Started with Our Leading-Edge Technology and End-to-End Expertise.
We offer a standard as well as a completely customizable integrated solution that includes everything a brokerage needs: trading technology (MT4 with back office, server, and configuration), liquidity, legal (incorporation and bank accounts), operational compliance, 24/6 support and real-time monitoring and training.
Typical Clients Include

  • Investors
  • Professional Traders
  • Introducing Brokers
  • Employees of existing forex brokerages
  • Banks looking to start their own FX operations.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) allows traders to connect to a virtual desktop. There are a variety of reasons this type of set up would be ideal for an FX trader. One is the popularity of running automatic trading systems known as EAs. Running trading software on a VPS makes it possible for an automated system to run 24 hours a day without any concerns for the Internet connections. Trading from a virtual machine offers a stable alternative as well as a faster PC to trade from.

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